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I’m a Creativity Evangelist!

Ok… NOT to be confused with singing Christians or the Japanese Anime series, but I preach creativity and good design!

I’ve been trained professionally and have worked in the industry as a Graphic Designer for over six years. So it is (more than a little) irritating when I see blatant examples of sloppy design and poor organisation. You could say I’m a bit of a perfectionist and organisation freak – you should see how I organise my files.


My turning point


For four years, I worked as Senior Designer at a publishing company in London working closely with top Arts & Culture institutes such as Tate Gallery, V&A Museum and British Council. It was great and I learnt an awful lot!

BUT I just didn’t feel it was right for me and so I packed up and backpacked around South-East Asia in the search for something called Creativity. I’d like to think I found it through photography (check out my travel Instagram) – but I don’t think its something you stop finding.


And now?


I prefer to wear many hats and hate having just one job role – Graphic Designer is still pretty vague so I’ll stick with that for now – so I now work as a freelancer, popping my finger in several pies.

I mainly help startups and small to medium businesses improve and grow by find finding creative solutions to their problems, whether that is building their website, creating their brand or even giving them assistance and advice.

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